My name is Antonia Elle D’orsay, though most people call me Toni. I am Black and Lakota and White, and I’m here to talk to you about things you might not have thought on before.

This site is primarily for the use of people seeking someone to assist in policy making, folks wanting to learn more about transgender people, and those who want to oppose oppression and support human rights for all persons.

By training, I am a sociologist and psychologist, with degrees from the University of Arizona. My speaking style is interactive, humorous, and fun, intended to provoke laughter and thought in a situation that is often uncomfortable and sometimes unwelcome for attendees.

I am focused on issues of Diversity, Equity, Equality, Inclusion, and the healthcare of trans and gender diverse persons. My standard rate is $500 an hour, two hour minimum, plus travel expenses (which can be waived or split). I develop systems, policies, and tools to enable companies, organizations, and groups develop effective, efficient structures and awareness around an intersectional approach to trans cultural competency.

I prefer to tailor my engagements to the audience I am dealing with, be it helping to formulate policy or law, speaking on Trans related issues, or guiding a collaborative effort to oppose injustice.

I am the Executive Director of the Trans 100, the Trans Services Director for TransVillage Health, and currently I am the Director of Trans Services for Borrego Health. I am the past Executive Director for This Is H.O.W., in Phoenix Arizona, and I serve on the Inland Empire HIV Planning Council. I have direct service to over 8,000 distinct trans and gender diverse persons, with over 15,000 additional indirect encounters.

I have worked with the White House, the United Nations (WHO, Human Rights and Women’s Rights), and I am recognized as an expert on the lives of trans and gender diverse people.

As the former Executive Director and Chair of the Board of This Is HOW, at one point the largest trans service organization in the state of Arizona, I did the following:

In my current role I have

I was born in 1965, I have five children, I have been married twice, and I am a widow as well as a grandmother.

My passion, drive, and commitment is exceptional, and you can often find me moderating the largest online gathering of behavioral health, medical, social, and public health practitioners and researchers centered around trans and gender diverse people at International Transgender Health on Facebook.

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