A gifted manager and organizer with a strong grasp of both fundamentals and abstract needs.

US Army Veteran

Sociologist & Psychologist.

Recognized expert on Trans Lives.

Executive Director of Transcentrism, Inc.

Creator and co-Founder of The Trans 100, a celebrated collection of activists and advocates doing difficult but critical work in the world. Recognized by the White House for this effort.

Former Executive Director and Chair of the Board of This Is HOW, at one pint the largest trans service organization in the state of Arizona.

Provided direct services to over 3500 transgender persons over a six year period, indirect service to approximately 5000 more.

Conceived, executed, and completed the single largest trans related fundraising drive in Arizona history, raising over $50,000 in less than 90 days.

Organized and oversaw the largest gathering of attendees for The Transgender Day of Remembrance in Phoenix for two years in a row.

Developed and strengthened partnerships with multiple service Agencies and non profit organizations throughout the Valley of the Sun.

Started the basis of what became the largest collection of support groups in the Phoenix metro area.

Developed, coached, and encouraged youth and adult activists and advocates.

Organized a broad range of support groups relating to substance abuse and homelessness mitigation. In a two year period, over 60% success rate.

Created personal and professional development programs. Created and presented the first broad Trans History program in the state.

Organized and guided national, statewide, and local efforts among disparate organizations, trans and otherwise, in resistance to state legislation often branded “papers to pee”, successfully lobbying to have it denied by the Governor.

Prior to the above, I worked for Best Buy and Mervyn’s in a variety of management positions, and did extensive volunteer work in political efforts for a party to remain unnamed.

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